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Voice technology is still nascent but its opportunities seem limitless. Industry reports say that the penetration of voice activated devices is about to grow by 75%.
A big advantage of voice marketing is the personal connect it creates. While the written word is still construed as rhetorical by some audience segments; it’s hard to resist that appeal of an actual voice. Customer experiences are always enriched by adding reliable voice solutions. With services like IVR, Outbound dialler, Missed Call and Call Masks…your consumer base profits from value addition to your robust product/ service bundles.

Get in touch with Global Consumer Segments and maintain accessible, accurate, timed and secure information flows with KASPLO Voice Solutions

With KASPLO voice solutions you can offer a stable and accurate end to end voice portal with strong product line up to your customers while enabling the enterprise to manage inbound and outbound calls more efficiently. There is robust call controls that reduce operational costs and enhances cross channel communication. Not only does your business reach higher numbers of consumers, the penetration is deeper as accessibility is easier.

1.Outbound Dialer

Boost the productivity of your customer contact centre by investing in KASPLO outbound dialler services. Scan through different dialling modes like preview dialler, progressive dialler, predictive dialler etc. and choose the model that best fits your business needs. Outbound dialling maximises the productivity of each agent and minimises abandoned and silent call ratios. We at KASPLO make sure that each client is helped to choose the outbound dialler mode that ensures best needs- function fit.

2.Interactive Voice Response

IVR is time tested and this automated telephony system that identifies, segments and routes callers to specific agent/ division, has multiple benefits. You can customise your business IVR with innovative messages and prompts and can even use your business spokesperson’s voice here. This is an automated system that doesn’t have the fallacy of human error. You can also prioritize high value customers using IVR giving them optimum levels of customer satisfaction.

3.Missed Call

It’s impossible to resist the appeal of free stuff and MCM (missed call marketing) leverages that. The consumer calls a number and hangs up and there is a call back or an SMS reply that delivers important information. You can even ask questions to do customer profiling once the customer engages trough MSM. KASPLO MSM techniques are scalable and have a high penetration rate in rural and semi-rural areas.

4.Call Masking

In a world plagued by security issues and privacy breaches, call masking seems like a Godsend. This is the best way for your business to protect customer identity and shield sensitive information. KASPLO Call masking services allow two parties to connect without revealing either of their identities. Call masking is especially useful in the service industry where customers can be connected anonymously to vendor’s drivers, delivery personnel etc. while maintaining total privacy.