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Partner with us to enhance the quality & time-efficiency of your transactional mails. Enjoy the real power of seamless SMTP & API integrations by KAPSLO.

Transactional emails are critical to your marketing efforts. Any delay in receipt of trans-emails could fuel customer complaints with regard to the missing mails. At KASPLO we ensure super-fast email delivery. Our uncomplicated email sending infrastructure, quick SMTP & API integrations allow sending transactional mails right after a customer completes ‘action’. In seconds your customer can find the relevant transactional email in his or her inbox. And in this we act right after your customer acts!

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What is Trans Email ??

Transactional emails are a crucial component of any business’s email infrastructure & communication strategy. When an email is sent to your subscriber or customer in response to an agreed-upon transaction between you and your subscriber or customer, it is referred to as ‘Transactional Email’. Since, transactional emails are triggered not by a business’s marketing campaign as is the case with marketing or bulk emails, but by specific interactions, events, customer/subscriber action or preferences within an application or service; they are also called ‘triggered emails’.

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Scale up your transactional emailing with our responsive tools

Our impressive suite of cloud-based tools & setups help us build dynamic & lightning-fast transaction emails in perfect match with the magnitude of your customer base.


Easy to set up & integrate SMTP relay to reach out to millions in seconds

Email API

Send custom-crafted, secured & highly deliverable transactional emails through our powerful Email API


Set our webhooks up to manage your email stats efficiently & get live performance updates


Your transaction email deliverability as well as engagement is tracked in real time through the panel. We have all the advanced analytical tools in place to track all the vital metrics like clicks, opens, bounces, sending volume etc. All the email stats as well as logs are closely watched over by us and you are offered real-time updates on the same via your preferred channel.

Seamless integration with programming languages and support

We are made to fit your stack well as we furnish customer libraries for nearly all commonly used programming languages like Java, PHP, Ruby, Python, COBOL, FORTRAN, Pascal, Ada, C ++ and the like. Our full programming language support paves the way for an easy & quick SMTP and API integrations. And if ever you stumble upon a roadblock, our dedicated, 24/7 support team will assist you and sort the issues out.

	curl --request POST \
	--url https://api./v3/mail/send \
	--header "Authorization: Bearer $_API_KEY" \
	--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
	--data '{"personalizations": [{"to": [{"email": ""}]}],"from": {"email": ""},"subject": "Sending with  is Fun","content": [{"type": "text/plain", "value": "and easy to do anywhere, even with cURL"}]}'

Want to switch to us? Well, it is easier than what you thought. Our vendor-compatible APIs and plug-ins make switch-overs super easy. A fuss-free change of the base URL & API key in your current vendor integration gets us in for you in minutes!

In this information-riddled fierce marketing landscape, transactional emails are the real heroes of deliverability and customer loyalty in the long run. If you wish to strengthen your transactional email infrastructure, we can help you just as we have helped thousands of other businesses. Let’s get started right away!