Technical Support Information

Our technical support team is available at Standard Business Hours Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 6:30 pm India Local Time
Support Tickets:
+91 72 0496 5563
+91 83 1029 9295
Emergency Contact Information
We know that uptime is critical for all of our customers, and problems mostly occur uninvited and certainly not at our convenience, but has to be dealt as a priority.
We offer 24x7 support for Critical Malfunctions.
A “Critical Malfunction” of the Kasplo Internet is a “Malfunction” which:
(i) provide a platform or a significant part thereof inoperative,
(ii) causes loss of data or adversely affects data integrity
A “Malfunction” is a substantial breakdown of the Kasplo Internet platform, leaving it practically unusable when operated in accordance with the functionality described in the documentation.

  • Incorrect configuration associated with the Platform Loading
  • An urgent question regarding the Creative Testing Issues
  • Question related to the Campaign Schedules or Deliverability

If you have a “Critical Malfunction” as defined above, please call the following phone number: +91 72 0496 5563
, You will be contacted as quickly as possible.
Sending an SMS or text message to any contact number will not reach us.
Please note that after-hours support for issues determined to not be Critical Malfunctions may be subject to our after-hours service rate.
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