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Why to invest in intelligent SMS marketing strategies

With everything from shopping to education to entertainment being relegated to mobile phones, it is clear which may modern marketing strategies are headed. SMS marketing s no longer an option…it’s a priority.
We at KASPLO, use a bunch of curated and scalable SMS marketing solutions. You can pick and choose what you need from our service portfolio as it suits your business needs. All our services have unique and critical competences. For example, using an OTP message delivery system boosts the security portfolio of your business and transactional SMS’s keep data flows transparent. Partner with KASPLO SMS marketing services today and build a stronger brand identity.

SMS MARKETING has unrivalled mass access: It’s the most ROI Driven, Customer Centric Digital Marketing Tool Ever

It’s an industry fact that BULK SMS tops the list of open rates with more than 98% readers reading messages that come to their inboxes. So if expanding business reach is a goal, then you just can’t afford to not invest in SMS marketing. Choose a bundle of services that cover all communication needs right from transactional to promotional.

1.Promotional SMS

With more and more user engagement with mobile devices, SMS is the leader of instant marketing. Melt geographical boundaries and Cut through the media noise and deliver your business promotions literally in the hands of your target audience by opting for KASPLO’S promotional SMS service. Our bulk SMS services allow your business to send personalised and segmented business messages to different sections of your target audience.

2.Transactional SMS

An efficient transactional SMS network allows you to crisply and accurately convey data, issue cautions and maintains the data centricity of your operations. Transactional SMS’s can even reach out to DND administration recorded clients and so they have good brand recall value. Timely arts and notices are the heart of effective business communication and no one handles this better than KASPLO.


Timely OTP generation not only validates financial trust in the brand but it also acts as a defence against third party frauds. We have a secure, intelligent and automated system of generating OTP’S that will keep your customer base and partners feel secure when transacting with payment service providers. With KASPLO at our side, your business image is never threatened by transaction fallouts and one time password failures.