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Once you have mastered the trick to get ‘personal’ with your esteemed customers, half the job is done. They’ll soon buy from you!

When you have succeeded in personalizing your emails perfectly, you’ll be sending your customers more relevant, timely & tailor-made emails that stand out in their inbox. Such personalized emails can add value to the email communication between you and your customer and can build their trust in your brand. And when they trust your brand, they are more likely to purchase from you than any other.

Customer data: Data that helps you build relationships.

Leverage the power of email personalization with the use of right customer data in your emails. You might have already gathered substantial amount of data from each customer listed in your data base. Now, just use that data to give them a VIP treatment.

Name the customer in the subject line because that’s how you can grab your customer’s attention at the very onset. Next, include a customer-specific behavioral data in the email content. Your customer will know at once that you know him or her personally.

It’s easier than you think.

Email communication done the right way can bring about phenomenal sales for you. Our innovative tools like A/B testing, brand-compatible email creatives & super fast, drag & drop email builder can help you create a responsive email for each customer.

Dynamic Attachment

Upgrade to an improved email version through dynamic attachments-a feature that can take your email personalization to the next level. Our SSR-based emails can add unrivalled dynamism to the email attachment content. You can now send different custom attachments to different customers fast & easy!