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Marketing Automation

Set up the best email automation infrastructure and then do no more. Your amazing ROI gets unlocked while you take your naps.

Email automation is a very vital facet of an email marketing campaign. Time-efficiency matters when you are trying to market your business through emails. Instead of wasting time on tedious, repetitive emailing processes, why not embrace the power of automation? We at KASPLO can simplify the processes for you through our ground- breaking automation infrastructure. When you choose our email marketing automation solutions, you actually set the ball of action rolling without you getting actively involved in it thereafter. It all happens as part of a sequence helping you connect & communicate at scale.

Automate email journeys

Before any of your subscribers or customers start receiving automated system- generated emails from your end you have to first specify scenarios or a bunch of conditions and arrange them into a messaging workflow that engage as well as activate your contacts.

Whenever a subscriber or customer meets any of the scenarios or conditions set by you, it triggers the automation system to send forth a relevant email automatically.

Make the most of your email database contacts

Grow your List

Explosive reach-outs & ever-expanding email list is guaranteed for you once you have tied up with us. We use the industry-best automation tools to activate the subscribers sitting dormant for long in your email marketing database. We also help you gather fresh subscribers through various effective list-upgrading tools. With KASPLO by your side your email list can never stop growing!

Signup Forms

Has the signup form in your website gone stale? Add a fresh signup form or a simple subscribe button to capture fresh subscribers.

Landing Pages

Your company’s social media page can bring you new subscribers. Add an Offer button to the page to attract your followers & convert them into new subscribers.

Embedded Forms

Attract new signups through your store counter. When your e-store succeeds, your email list grows. We offer the needed tech support for all that!

AB Testing

An epic email performance needs lots of test & trials. A/B Testing is one such test that can let you find out easily which version of your email will fetch you better results in terms of clicks and open rates. Our automated monitoring tools can be used for flawless A/B Testing.

A/B Testing gives real-time results and actionable insights regarding your email’s performance. That helps you craft a smarter email for driving in real revenue. We at KASPLO give you the ease of effective campaign optimization through A/B Testing of various email elements such as the template, the pictorials, the content, the subject lines and the like. Our advanced A/B Testing tool kit & detailed result reports can supply you with the needed data for creating winning email versions.

Auto Responders

Got new signups? Well, you can now make paying customers out of those casual subscribers. All you need to do is use our auto responder email setup. Through such setups you can craft highly customized and relevant email series for a specific subscriber segment and send automatically after a specific subscriber action is completed.

Survey Forms

In this age of omni-channel feedback, survey forms cater ideally to a customer’s need of seamless & personalized communication. Our automated email survey distribution system can send a survey form to a customer right after the customer interaction. Such automated, timely survey invitations can help you decipher the real-time pulse regarding what a customer is feeling soon after the interaction. Use our real-time survey distribution feature & win a place in your customer’s heart!

Powerful API's

Deliver Emails at scale with our powerful APIs. You can integrate with our APIs in a couple of minutes and deliver emails with speed & precision. We bring for you a host of APIs and each one is meant to enhance your emailing capabilities. Choose KASPLO to experience the power of a fully redundant email-supportive infrastructure.