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Enhanced Communications for Optimised Growth

Effective communication can pave the way for an expansion of your audience reach and engagement. We, at KASPLO conduct intensive industry research on what makes communication models tick. All our findings speak of the importance of regular, accurate and sensitized communication in building customer and brand relationships. Our automated communication models help your customers stay attuned to your brand dynamics.

At Kasplo, we specialise in curated communication models. We deal with enterprises of all sizes and scales. So, we know how important it is to align brand vision with communication strategy for an optimised growth.

Every Kasplo client has access to a SPOC (Specialised point of contact) that acts as the major connect between the target audience and business. Whether its auto emails, blogs, newsletters, trans emails or email analytics; Kasplo covers all aspects of email-oriented business communication. What we offer is the right mix created to suit the unique communications need of your business. Our models are scalable and buildable. We foster partnerships geared towards growth.


Communication is the key to maintaining any successful business relationship and newsletters are one of the most effective ways of maintaining value added communication. Create the coveted perception of a knowledge leader for your brand when you send weekly/ monthly/ quarterly newlsterres that are a healthy mix of news, event updates, knowledge enhancement materials and promotions.

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2.Trans Email

Transaction emails are super important as these emails inform customers of successful transactions and reinforce their faith in your brand. The transaction emails need to be timed perfectly and be 100% accurate. Save your valuable business hours and partner with Kasplo as we have a powerful, fully automated Tran’s email service that will always keep your customers in the loop zero error.

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3.Email automation

Email Automation pertains to using pre-constructed rules to set off deliverable email messages. Welcome emails, reminder emails, call to action emails, reply-to- customer emails are all critical in building the brand-customer relationship. When consumers are engaged enough to keep coming back, you gain valuable brand recall. Instead of letting email automation consume your costly business resources, rely on our time-tested automated email system that makes effortless top-notch communication a reality.

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You can make it to the customer’s psyche and build meaningful relationships with your customers through strategic application of email personalization. When you give your marketing emails a personal touch, you actually reach out to humans and not just inboxes! At KASPLO we help you with email personalization through smart segmentation & crafting of data-rich emails based on customer behaviours. Explore us!

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5.Enterprise Data Quality

When it comes to enterprise data quality, one size definitely doesn’t fit all. However, the ability of data to morph into a purpose is only possible when the data is updated and accurate. We at Kasplo make sure that data flows to our brand are holistic and are free from redundancy and inaccuracies. We strongly encourage our clients and partners to critically analyse and evaluate data flows as enterprise data is the backbone to both operations and marketing.