Kasplo's SMTP solution drives i-Sourcing's email campaign success

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Business Challenge

The main challenge faced by i-Sourcing was poor in-box placements and email throughput issues with their current SMTP provider, which hindered their email marketing efforts. To overcome this challenge, i-Sourcing found a  reliable SMTP solution that could help them achieve the best possible in-box ratio while providing highly scalable throughput SMTP services.

Kasplo’s Solution

Kasplo provided a comprehensive solution to i-Sourcing's challenge of poor in-box placements and email throughput issues. Kasplo's custom scalable SMTP setup ensured that i-Sourcing could achieve high throughput while maintaining a high in-box ratio. Kasplo accomplished this by providing i-Sourcing with a set of dedicated IPs and maintaining a good rapport with ISPs to ensure instant email delivery.

Furthermore, Kasplo helped i-Sourcing optimize their transactional and CRM-based campaigns by providing in-depth inbox reports. This allowed i-Sourcing to fine-tune their email campaigns, resulting in better engagement and conversions. Overall, Kasplo's SMTP solution helped i-Sourcing overcome their email marketing challenges and achieve better results.


Breaking the barriers: i-Sourcing achieves impressive 95% Gmail inboxing rate with Kasplo's reliable SMTP solution



What are they saying about us?

“We have been using Kasplo services for more than 1 year and we are satisfied with their services and their support during onboarding and after-sales services we would recommend to others for using their services and also wish that they regularly upgrade their services.”

Palak Shah

(Co-founder of tender247)

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