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Discover How CreditMantri Used Kasplo's Managed Services to Achieve Impressive Click-Through Rates

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Business Challenge

CreditMantri, a credit management company, was facing a crucial business challenge. They needed an advanced platform to optimize their email campaigns and streamline their vast database. CreditMantri required expert guidance to build a seamless customer experience, increase their inbox and open rates, and enhance their brand reputation. Failure to address this challenge could lead to reduced customer engagement, lower conversion rates, and a decline in their brand's reputation. Therefore, CreditMantri was committed to finding a reliable and efficient platform to automate their campaigns, segment their audience, and provide them with actionable insights to enhance their future marketing strategies. CreditMantri's ultimate objective is to improve their customer retention and satisfaction by offering personalized services based on their credit profile and financial history.

Kasplo’s Solution

we at Kasplo, aimed to improve the effectiveness of their email campaigns. we tasked our deliverability experts with conducting a comprehensive analysis of past campaign activities and developing a strategy to enhance domain reputation, improve mailer quality, and increase volume scalability. 

The experts began by segmenting the database based on customer engagement and simultaneously warming up three separate domains. We then optimized email content, implemented best practices for email authentication, and ensured list hygiene to improve email deliverability rates and increase click-through rates. 

To convert inactive users, our team developed an automated statistics report that catered to the specific needs of the client. Monthly meetings with the deliverability expert were held to ensure seamless planning and alignment of the next steps. The result was a successful email campaign that achieved improved deliverability and click-through rates.


Kasplo's optimization strategy led to a substantial improvement in 6X CreditMantri's click-through rates.



What are they saying about us?

“CreditMantri has been using Kasplo's email services for the last 2.5 years and we are very happy with the service levels provided. The team is passionate about your success, which is more than half the job done. Looking forward to seeing them grow to greater heights.”

Nandini Raman

Head of Marketing (Creditmantri Finserv)

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