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EatSure's Email Strategy Lands Them a 99% Primary Inboxing Rate on Gmail

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Business Challenge

As EatSure's email list continued to grow steadily, they faced a significant challenge in ensuring their emails reached their target audience's inboxes. Despite their efforts, they were struggling with email deliverability issues and poor inbox placements. To overcome this challenge, they needed expert guidance from deliverability experts who could help them achieve the best inbox placements and resolve other email deliverability issues. 

In addition, EatSure required an advanced email marketing platform that could enable them to deploy campaigns seamlessly while ensuring maximum deliverability rates. They also needed strategic planning advice from experienced professionals who could help them design and execute effective email campaigns that resonated with their target audience. Without a comprehensive solution to these challenges, EatSure's email marketing efforts risked being ineffective and failing to achieve the desired results.

Kasplo’s Solution

Kasplo's team of deliverability experts proactively identified and tackled the challenges that were impacting the company's email deliverability. With their in-depth knowledge and experience, the team worked on improving the domain reputation, which ultimately contributed to better email deliverability rates. 

Additionally, the team leveraged their experience and strong relationships with other ISPs to gain valuable insights into email best practices and improve Kasplo's email campaigns' overall effectiveness. By identifying the best-performing subject lines and email creatives, the team was able to enhance customer engagement and drive higher open and click-through rates. 

The team also carefully analyzed email statistics to determine the optimal time to send emails to ensure that customers were most likely to engage with them. As a result, Kasplo was able to improve the overall performance of its email marketing campaigns and increase customer engagement and loyalty. With Kasplo's improved email deliverability rates and strategic email marketing efforts, the company was well-positioned for continued growth and success in its industry.


EatSure in-box performance before the partnership with Kasplo.


EatSure in-box performance after the partnership with Kasplo.

What are they saying about us?

“Kasplo has truly been a game changer regarding EatSure’s email marketing. The managers are extremely professional & quick to respond to any queries. We were struggling with our in-boxing rates before working with Kasplo & now it has crossed a staggering 90%+ I would strongly recommend Kasplo as a one-stop solution for all your email marketing needs" Keep up the good work :) Sending more emailers your way.”

Suraj Sivadasan

Growth Manager

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