Anti Spam

Kasplo anti-spam policy

Kasplo Internet Pvt Ltd adheres to a spam policy that is strictly a zero spam tolerance policy. Our email marketing services allow users to send emails or messages to their recipients but we do not give any user the right to send indiscriminate, unsolicited or bulk messages whether it is for some commercial purpose or for any other purpose. You can get yourself acquainted with the entire range of terms and conditions pertaining to the usage of this particular facility in our ‘Terms of Service’ section.

Our customer support team stringently monitors all email lists and import lists getting delivered to the thousands of contacts each day. If any customer is tracked making use of our platform for spam, we will immediately stop offering our products and services to that particular customer. If you have any knowledge of violation or suspect the same, you are requested to notify us right away at our abuse cell. There’s an unsubscribe link, mandatory in nature coming with every email. If anybody attempts to remove the link, he or she will be warned at first. But if the customer still removes or deactivates the link, his or her account will be terminated.

What is spam?

When your recipient has requested any information or has made any purchase or has answered a survey or questionnaire or has contacts with you offline, then it is a pre-existing business association.

What is meant by a pre-existing business association?

When your recipient has requested any information or has made any purchase or has answered a survey or questionnaire or has contacts with you offline, then it is a pre-existing business association.

What is meant by consent?

When your recipient has been notified regarding the collection as well as usage of his or her email id and has willfully consented for such collection and usage, it is called consent or ‘informed consent’ to be more precise.

Isn’t there an anti-spam law

The Federal Law for anti-spam came into force in U.S on 1st January, 2004 and forestalls all other state laws. Though this new law doesn’t restrict spams, it gives spams an illegal status. The law equips Federal government with all the strength and power to put it into action and very clearly puts down specific clauses pertaining to commercial emailing. Violations of the law may bring you penalties such as fines and even 5 years of imprisonment. The Indian IT Act Year 2000 puts a stringent check on usage of electronic mediums for malicious communications.

How Kasplo Internet Pvt Ltd checks you from sending spams?

We adhere to the stringent permission-based ideologies to give you full-proof anti-spam emailing services. Here are some ways by which we check you from sending spams Communication- When you register to our site, our registration page will clearly highlight your reason for collecting email id of any visitor to the site, your purpose of using the email id. It will also declare that you are abiding by our embedded set of privacy policies. That naturally implies that you have accepted the Kasplo license agreement and by doing so agreed upon using our permission-based lists and will never rent or sell any of the lists.

  • Verification- Kasplo Internet Pvt Ltd sends an auto-confirmation via email to every new contact of yours. Also, if your contact un-subscribes or alters interest, then too an auto email confirmation message is readily sent from our end.
  • Unsubscribe- Each email generated via our platform will come with a unique un-subscribe link allowing easy opt-out of emails sent in future and auto updating of contact lists. This bars sending of unwanted emails to those that have unsubscribed already.
  • Identification- We pre-set a unique email header info for you most accurately. The ‘From’ address in your email is validated, verified by us and identifies you most clearly as ‘sender’
  • Contact information- All the emails that you send are pre-filled accurately with your contact info that includes even the physical address you have.

Take a spam test to know whether you have fallen prey to spamming

  1. Have you imported any purchased email list
  2. Are you mailing to any non-specific email id
  3. Do you send mails to someone who hasn’t given his consent to be a part of your emailing list
  4. When you are mailing, is it getting delivered indirectly to many different email ids
  5. Is the un-subscribe link missing in your email

If your answer is ‘yes’ to any of the above queries, you have entered the spammer group and need to reach out to our customer support team at the earliest.