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Translating digital dreams into reality.

We hope to conquer trends, deliver consistent results & foster symbiotic growth for our clients. Our goals make us stand out!

At KASPLO, we not only treat our customers as the centre of our existence…we actually make them the epicentre of our business operations. Which is why our approach is never generic and our business offerings are curated, customisable and scalable. We understand the approach of starting small and thinking big as we were small too not so long ago.

Our Vision, Mission and Plan of Action

At KASPLO, our vision is to become the global leader of digital concierge services. We firmly believe that our product bundles like communications portfolio, automated e mail and sms marketing, voice marketing and content tools can help your organisation take the leap into the next level. Our mission is to stay true to our core values of trust, accountability, teamwork and synergic growth as we work towards our vision. We believe that only a clean, honest and transparent business model can be sustainable which is why our focus has always been on synergistic growth with our clients instead of focus on merely the bottom line. Our plan of action is to achieve radical growth in the next 5 years while helping our clients meet their business goals.

We firmly believe in the famous words of Henry Cloud which were “a leader’s responsibility is to create a vision and mission that have tangible results in the real world”. That is why we always strive towards measurable action and results and create goal oriented timelines for our projects. With us you are guaranteed to get results.

Our core team: The pillars of our success and the fuel for our unstoppable growth at all times

We look beyond the finish line to create our own goals. At KASPLO, creative designers conjure email marketing campaigns that get customers to click and not just glance. And our data analytics question how much we actually know about your target audience.

For us, the concept of comfort zone does not exist as we are continually pushing boundaries. We also have our regular quality assurance checks that map how much of what we thought was working actually works!! This is actually why we forge deeper symbiotic relationships with our teams, clients and partners in this increasingly fleeting world.

None of us is as smart as All of Us

Our seasoned team consists of Sujith S as CEO & Founder, Shandeep as Head of Operations and Nithya as Customer Success Head. Each member in our team reflects a unique admixture of experience and talent only to drive the company forward!